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Expert Guidance
We guide you by providing highly traded stocks and ETFs that comprise the leading U.S. Market Indices. B4NVEST groups these securities by sector. Choosing securities by sectors will protect your investments through the evolving U.S. economy.
Data Analysis
Using a return to risk ratio based on the efficient frontier calculation, we analyze your chosen securities based on weekly stock price fluctuations. Understand your potential profit and risks before you begin.
Access up-to-date information and the latest news
Upload your current investment portfolio and let us analyze it, or use our tools with real-time market data information to keep you updated.

Diversify your portfolio

Diversification is easy. It simply means buying shares of companies from different sectors of the economy. Diversification is what experts do to ensure they continue to grow their total returns. B4NVEST helps you choose your investments by sector. We then show you your sector distribution. We also compare your portfolio to the leading US index, the S&P 500.

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What bank should I use?

We show you which banks we have used for our U.S. and Latin American investors. These banks provide direct access to the U.S. stock market.

What stocks and sectors are the U.S. Politicians investing in?

We track the stock purchases and sales of US Senators and Representatives. This allows the general public to interpret in which sectors/industries these politicians plan to spend our tax dollars.

Build your dream portfolio

We recommend personalized portfolios tailored to your preferences.

Explore high-performing companies from various industries to create a well-rounded portfolio.

Discover a selection of highly-traded ETFs that provide exposure to diverse industries and potentially enhance your portfolio.

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